St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs History

St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

"A Walk Through Time"

1742: Henry Muhlenberg to Philadelphia area from Germany to be a missionary

1744: Muhlenberg baptized seven children from local families:

    1. Heilman (Hallman)
    2. Moses
    3. Dury (Deery)
    4. Stein
    5. Fedderling
The Founding of St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

The first Church organization in this vicinity was at Zion’s Church, near Spring City. As the church grew a new church building was in the planning. The congregation was split on the location of the new church. Those living on the Southside of French Creek desired it to be near them but the majority of the congregation wanted it on the old site. The dispute was taken to the ministerium (that Muhlenberg founded) for resolution.

The Resolution for St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs
    1. The new church should be built at the existing location.
    2. Those living beyond the Franch (French) Creek who wished to build another building, “should wait with it, and rather out of Christian love, contribute to this church”.
    3. If after completion of this church those across the creek may begin to build a building for themselves with assistance and a preacher of their own as soon as possible.
    4. They should then practice the same Christian love and contribute to the new church.
    5. This was given to the delegates of the church in writing.
The New Church at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

The delegates from this side of the creek did not follow the recommendations of the ministerium. They purchased one acre and eight perches for twenty shillings, and the latter forty five perches for 5 shillings. A log church was erected.

The First Pastor at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

Rev. J. Ludwig Voight. He and Pastor Muhlenberg dedicated the first building on November 8, 1772. He opened the service with reading Psalm 100.

St. Peters Lutheran Church Chester Springs Buildings
The Buildings at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs
    • 1772: The first Log Church
    • 1811: New Stone Church with the German Reformed neighbors, $2800
    • 1819: First Church Organ, $800
    • These first two buildings were located in the middle of the cemetery which now lies between the two churches.
    • 1835: The church was destroyed by fire which was started in the basement and believed to be the work of an arsonist.
    • The trustees offered a $200 reward for “detection of the villain”.
    • 1836: The new church was completed. It is the present St. Peter’s U.C.C. Church.
    • 1841: A meeting was held to organize an “Evangelical Lutheran Church” founded on the basis of the Augsburg Confession.
    • 1843: The new church (our present building) was built.
    • 1889: The “Middle Pikeland Church”, was built across Clover Mill Road. This was the “non-reformed Lutherans.
    • 1918: The Middle Pikeland Church was destroyed by fire.
The Joining of the Churches in Chester Springs
    • 1918: The new Synod, Lutheran Church of America was formed. Two weeks later, the Middle & Upper Pikeland Churches formed as one.
    • 1919: The walls of the old burnt Middle Church were demolished and the ground leveled. The corner stone can still be seen today along the cemetery fence across Clover Mill Road.
The Present Building for St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs
    • 1843: The existing Church was built
    • 1919: A wall in front was constructed.
    • 1920: The upstairs choir space was enlarged.
    • 1936: Electric service installed ($2 per month!)
    • 1953: Altar rail installed.
    • 1956: Basement installed (hand dug). Cost was $13,500.
    • 1957: Narthex was re-modeled.
    • 1963: Parking lot paved.
    • 1965: New Organ purchased ($4400)
    • 1966: Folding partitions installed in basement
    • 1966: The Pikeland Parish was divided and St. Peters became a separate Congregation.
    • 1967: Present Parsonage was built at a cost of $27,500.
    • 2000: New addition and renovation at a cost of $250,000.
The Present Building for St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs
    • St. Peter’s Church was used as a hospital in 1778 during the Revolutionary war.
    • In 1884 it was so cold that services were held in the sheds as the sanctuary was too cold.
    • Council began meeting quarterly in 1886.
    • Sewing Circle formed in 1922.
    • Cemetery fund established in 1928
    • Tradition has it that prior to our cemetery, it was an Indian burying ground with the oldest stone dated 1690.
The Pastors of St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

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