St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs History

St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

Henry Muhlenberg's Journal Entry November 7th

NOVEMBER 7, Saturday. We started out early in the morning, crossed the Schulkiel River safely, and by noon had covered fourteen English miles. There we met two elders of the congregation who had come to meet us with a change of horses. About two o'clock we continued our journey with sixteen English miles to go, of which seven miles are terrible stony roads which run over hill and dale. We arrived at the little new church about five o'clock in the evening and found at least thirty younger and older members busy cleaning and arranging things in the church. We viewed the new building. It is constructed of wood and well lighted and so arranged on the inside that about five hundred persons may be seated where all can see the preacher at the altar and in the pulpit and thus hear and understand the better. The little church is situated on high ground in a mountainous region about eighteen miles from New Hannover, twelve miles from Providence (Trappe), thirty miles from Philadelphia, a little over twenty miles from Barren Hill, and five or six miles from the first church building in Peikstown which Pastor Voigt has hitherto been serving every fourth Sunday from New Hannover, which is twelve miles distant. We were taken to the home of the chief deacon, the leader in the building of the church, for our night's lodging and we were warmly welcomed and cared for by the members who lived near by, but we waited in vain for the coming of Pastor Voigt.