St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs History

St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs

Henry Muhlenberg's Journal Entry November 10th

NOVEMBER 10, Tuesday. We arose early and prepared for the journey inasmuch as the days are very short and the distance of thirty English miles requires steady going. The good people said a fond farewell and urgently begged us to send someone from Philadelphia to pay them a visit at least once more this year. I promised, God willing, to send my son Heinrich on the Sunday five weeks hence, though on condition that they should not think that he might become their minister, because I myself needed him and he was absolutely indispensable in giving me help and support. Several persons accompanied us a few miles and took leave of us at the church. Two elders rode with us for sixteen English miles to a point over half the way, but one deacon, under God's gracious protection, took us safely all the way back to Philadelphia with his horses. There we found Pastor Kunze busy and watchful at his extensive and laborious post, and the rest of our family was well, God be praised. When I learned that Captain Sutton had not yet set sail with his ship, I wrote this postscript in haste and am sending it on.